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Feedback score: 99.85%

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Fast shipping and everything smells awesome on cold! Poisin Pie BS3, etc. 11/14/2017
Fast shipping! Great product! 7-UP Pound Cake BS2, etc. 11/04/2017
Excellent wax and fast shipping, Great service, have been buying for a couple of years. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (B&BW) GS1, etc. 11/02/2017
Always a pleasure. Smooth transaction. Will be back. Peppermint Swizzle Stick SS, etc. 10/29/2017
Love my product!! Blueberry Flap Jacks BS3, etc. 10/27/2017
Phenomenal seller & product, always worth the wait for pre-orders and RTS orders go out super fast! Pumpkin Bread BS1, etc. 10/25/2017
Best wax tarts in the biz. John's style isn't for the faint of heart but I always spend hundreds $$. Pistachio Pudding Cake BS2, etc. 10/23/2017
Great wax product Frosted Lemons BS3, etc. 08/05/2017
No issues, smooth website & checkout Malva Pudding Cupcakes GS3, etc. 07/20/2017
Love everything! Mango Sorbet BS3, etc. 07/08/2017
Always a great experience with this seller! Sugar Milk OH, etc. 07/04/2017
Turn around time was super fast. Products were wonderful, exactly what I ordered & well packed. Volcano (Capri Blue TYPE) BS2, etc. 06/21/2017
Adore my order, love John's wax! :) Honey Clementine BS1, etc. 06/20/2017
Super easy exchange! An item was oversold...John gave me options...perfect. Paradise Bay GS1, etc. 06/18/2017
First time buyer and was pleased with ease of order and will purchase from seller in the future. Candy Shop BS3, etc. 06/16/2017
Shipped & received very fast! Effervescent Fizzy Pops GS2, etc. 06/10/2017
LOVE the scents! Gummy Bears BS2, etc. 06/08/2017
Quick shipping, great packaging, awesome products!! Will definitely shop from again!! Thank you ;) Lavender Cheesecake GS1, etc. 06/08/2017
Great company to do business with..will definitely order again and again. Lemon Sugar GS1, etc. 06/07/2017
Excellent seller! I'm a first time buyer. Outstanding service and wax! Cotton Candy Filled Twinkies GS2, etc. 06/04/2017
This wax is so strong and so good! I should have bought more. More than ecstatic over my order. Sugar Milk Birthday Cake GS1, etc. 06/04/2017
Best vendor wax. Honest communication about TAT and progress on pouring, packing, and shipping. Volcano (Capri Blue TYPE) BS2, etc. 06/04/2017
I love Beezy Tarts. He offers some of the best wax melts around at a reasonable price :) Candy Shop BS3, etc. 06/04/2017
Amazing, powerful, long lasting scents. Pistachio Macaroon GB, etc. 06/04/2017
Best service and product money can buy. Frosted Lemons BS3, etc. 06/01/2017
I'm very excited to have order directly from you and I'm very happy with ever scent I got today! Candy Shop BS3, etc. 05/30/2017
Always a positive transaction with Beezy's. He is my favorite wax vendor on the planet! Cotton Candy Filled Twinkies GS2, etc. 05/28/2017
Great scents! Great throws! Took less than a week to receive! Waiting for next restock!! Juicy Peaches BS3, etc. 05/27/2017
Super easy! Thanks! Cactus & Sea Salt TS, etc. 05/22/2017
Love Beezy-Tarts! Pistachio Macaroon GB, etc. 05/19/2017
Pleasant experience! Thank you! Caribbean Escape (B&BW TYPE) BS2, etc. 03/27/2017
Always a happy customer!☺ Cotton Candy BS1, etc. 03/26/2017
Easy to use the site. Pumpkin Zucchini Bread BS2, etc. 03/06/2017
Everything arrived quickly, was well packed and smells great. Elf Treats BS3, etc. 03/05/2017
Been a Beezy Tarts customer for years. Cut these fantastic melts in fours-one tart fills the house. Kickin Caramel OH, etc. 03/01/2017
Absolutely great product. I love the scents Lemon Eclair GS1, etc. 02/25/2017
Best wax tarts money can buy. Glazed Citrus Pound Cake GS3, etc. 02/23/2017
Great product! Happy I could scoop up some ready to ship! Amazing, long lasting throw. Lemon Eclair GS1, etc. 02/15/2017
Great transaction. Fast shipping. No issues. Would buy from again. Lemon Eclair GS1, etc. 02/09/2017
Everything smells fantastic and I received my order very quickly. I recommend Beezy Tarts. Sugared Blueberry Lemons GS3, etc. 01/20/2017
I haven't received my order. Butterscotch Marshmallows OH, etc. 10/13/2016
Love Beezy Tarts! The best there is!!!! Birthday Cake Cheesecake BS1, etc. 10/11/2016
Favorite vendor to shop with!!! Thank you Sugared Cronut BS1, etc. 10/11/2016
Everything from packaging wax and generous samples is top notch!! Birthday Cake Cheesecake BS1, etc. 10/11/2016
Excellent experience. I'm a first time wax person. You made it super easy. Berry Creme Brûlée BS1, etc. 10/01/2016
Great wax great service! Pumpkin Caramel Swirl GS2, etc. 09/29/2016
Totally impressed with all the scents and how true to life they are!! Loopy Loops Bread BS1, etc. 09/19/2016
Fast TAT. Excellent product as always. Berry Creme Brûlée BS1, etc. 09/19/2016
TAT is clearly stated. Beezy communicates throughout the production process via FB. Very satisfied! Berry Creme Brûlée BS1, etc. 09/08/2016
it was very good Fruit Loops BS1, etc. 07/06/2016
Beezy-Tarts has one of the best wax i have ever melted . Coffee Cake & Spice GS1, etc. 06/22/2016
Love Beezy! The wax is definitely worth the wait! Sugar Milk BS1, etc. 06/06/2016
Beezy-Tarts are simply the best! Amazing performance from the tarts & top notch customer service! Banana Split BS1, etc. 05/31/2016
ALWAYS a great experience with Beezy! Great product. Shipped extremely fast! Couldnt be happier! Banana Caramel Cupcake BS3, etc. 05/30/2016
Love it! smell so wonderful! Goofy Grape BS2, etc. 05/25/2016
I love everything I got! It all smells awesome! I'll be ordering again! Amish Quilt OH, etc. 05/25/2016
Shipped as stated...packaged nicely....beezy tarts are the beezniss. Will be a consistent customer. Juicy Peaches GS1, etc. 05/25/2016
Very fast shipping. Scents shots were full to the brim and amazing. Love all the extras he included! Givenchy Hot Couture BS3, etc. 03/16/2016
Fast and easy :) Orange Cream Cupcake GS1, etc. 03/04/2016
I am in love with everything that I have oredered! These wax melts are truly amazing! Macadamia Nut Cake BS2, etc. 03/04/2016
Very wonderful transaction. Fast shipping, wonderful scents, vendor was communicative. Excellent! Fruity Pebbles BS3, etc. 03/03/2016
3 words...... I want more Holiday Candy BS2, etc. 03/01/2016
The BEST!!!! Absolutely love Beezy. Strong throw and lasts for a long time!! Rainbow Sherbet GS2, etc. 03/01/2016
Fast shipping, excellent product, I would definitely order again Sugar Corn Pudding GS2, etc. 02/29/2016
Easily some of the best wax I have ever smelled. LOVE Beezy!! Jamaica Me Crazy GS1, etc. 02/28/2016
Great seller, amazing scents, will definitely be back for more. Thank you so much!! Cake Batter Fudge BS2, etc. 02/28/2016
Quickly shipped, neatly packaged, and amazing products! Sugar Corn Pudding GS2, etc. 02/28/2016
Transaction was easy, fast TAT, very pleased with quality of items. New Car BS3, etc. 02/28/2016
Another fast and smooth purchase from Beezy. Thanks! Rainbow Sherbet GS2, etc. 02/24/2016
Yummy Town Zucchini Bread (NEW) SS1, etc. 02/17/2016
Love your wax!!! Wish I hadn't missed the restock. But I definitely give you 5 stars Zucchini Bread (NEW) SS1, etc. 02/12/2016
I'm unsure. I haven't received my order yet. Berry Creme Brûlée BS3, etc. 12/18/2015
Love everything! Thank you very much. Ready to order again :) Dr Pepper GS1, etc. 10/25/2015
Always perfect. Downy Blue Ultra BS1, etc. 10/25/2015
John is amazing! His wax is beautiful & he was very generous with samples as well as candy, lol! Berry Creme Brûlée BS1, etc. 10/14/2015
100%satisfied !Thanks Iced Lemon Cookies BS1, etc. 10/13/2015
100% satisfied with my Beezy order Tory Burch BS1, etc. 10/13/2015
About 5 cup lids were broken, probably due to being in padded envelope and not a box. Love yer melts Lavender Pound Cake TS, etc. 10/10/2015
Fast and easy Hot Pink Lime BS1, etc. 10/10/2015
GREAT Vendor! Always happy with my orders! A+!!!! Lolly Pop Land SS1, etc. 06/25/2015
Loved everything looking forward to ordering soon Black Cherries, etc. 06/23/2015
Wow I am so impressed with Beezy-Tarts!!! The Tarts all smell amazing and are super strong! Marshmallow Lava Cake BS1, etc. 06/22/2015
got everything in a timely manor. Thanks John Peach Margarita GS2, etc. 06/22/2015
Excellent seller! Great products. Red Velvet Cake GS1, etc. 06/21/2015
Love everything. Thanks! Rainbow GS3, etc. 06/21/2015
Communication was prompt and thourough. Package was shipped and arrived as expected, timely. Thanks! Lavender Sugar Cookie SS2, etc. 06/21/2015
My words can not come close to expressing how awesome Beezy-Tarts are! I must have more! Amazing Iced Tea GS3, etc. 06/19/2015
OH MY BEEZY-TARTS are AMAZING!!!!! WOW these are the most incredible tarts ever! I have to buy more! French Lavender & Honey (B&BW) SS1, etc. 06/19/2015
As always great seller. Great products excellent customer service. Repeat buyer for a reason. Matrix Biolage GS2, etc. 06/12/2015
Very easy checkout and I'm excited to try his products Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake GS2, etc. 06/06/2015
Turn around time was fantastic. Ease of purchase and scents were as described. Very happy! Satsuma (Body Shop) GS2, etc. 05/08/2015
Fantastic service and a wonderful product! Sugar Cookie Royale SS1, etc. 05/02/2015
Love this vendor's product! Wildberry Scone BS1, etc. 05/02/2015
Excellent seller Wildberry Scone BS1, etc. 05/02/2015
He is ALWAYS very honest :) Great vender :) Passionfruit Nectarine SS2, etc. 05/02/2015
Very fast delivery product was very nice Citrus Splash GS1, etc. 04/25/2015
Items arrv in excel cond I haven't had a chance to melt tarts yet but they smell great on cold sniff Blueberry Cobbler GS1, etc. 04/17/2015
Wonderful!!!' Iced Lemon Cookies BS1, etc. 04/16/2015
Great customer service, shipped fast. Will order again :) Cotton Candy Filled Twinkies GS1, etc. 04/16/2015
Awesome customer service and products every time. Apple Clove Butter GS3, etc. 04/16/2015
Always a great experience when ordering from Beezy Tarts. TAT & products are both excellent. Apple Clove Butter GS3, etc. 04/16/2015
Everything smells delightful! Favorite tart vendor ever Pink Toasty Marshmallow GS2, etc. 04/16/2015
As always, fast shipment, great-smelling tarts and generous, fun gifties and treats. Thanks, Beezy! Cranberry Orange Scone GS2, etc. 04/15/2015
Great product, fast shipping, yummy "extras" ;-) Pink Sugar Cookies GS2, etc. 04/15/2015
As always, great transaction. Arrived quickly, well packaged and with fantastic extras. Thanks! Loopy Loops Bread GS1, etc. 04/04/2015
Very easy to order from Satsuma (Body Shop) GS2, etc. 03/05/2015
For my first Oder the throw is great but I wish there was a larger selection to choose from. Loopy Loops Bread BS1, etc. 01/26/2015
Outstanding product, super-fast TAT, AMAZING wax with terrific, long-lasting throw. I'm a Beezy fan! Clove BS1, etc. 01/11/2015
awesome time frame for shipping and awesome product overall Pink Sangria (B&BW) GS3, etc. 01/10/2015
Excellent and super fast! Pink Sands (YC) SS1, etc. 01/04/2015
Absolutely love Beezy tarts! The best I have found, and they last forever & smell so realistic. Loopy Loops Bread BS1, etc. 01/03/2015
Love it all, great vendor! Tea & Cakes GS1, etc. 12/26/2014
Excellent product...great packaging...Beezy NEVER disappoints! Pumpkin Cheesecake GS2, etc. 12/21/2014
Better than I expected, will be buying more again in the future! Very Happy. Pipe Smoke GS1, etc. 12/21/2014
I've heard so many great things about Beezy Tarts and I must say they are all absolutely accurate! Victoria Secret Bombshell BS1, etc. 12/12/2014
Everything smells great!! I love that I can get 3 or more meltings from a single tart!! Vanilla Frosted Grahams GS2, etc. 12/11/2014
Excellent seller Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream GS3, etc. 12/08/2014
Love Mr. Beezy! Tea & Cakes GS1, etc. 12/08/2014
I've NEVER been disappointed from this vendor!!! I just wish I was fast enough to get more!! Teehee! Pumpkin Cheesecake GS2, etc. 11/14/2014
I Love Beezy!!! Clove BS1, etc. 11/12/2014
Always a great transaction! Mulberry GS1, etc. 11/11/2014
Wonderfully scented and long lasting tarts!! Fast shipping of the tarts! I am loving my order! Cinnamon Glazed Baklava GS3, etc. 10/15/2014
Strong! Authentic the best wax out there! I Love all the scents that I purchased! Danish Butter Cookie GS1, etc. 10/15/2014
Great service Blueberry Cobbler BS2, etc. 10/12/2014
Beezy are hands down the best tarts I have purchased! Strong throw and realistic! Blueberry Cobbler BS2, etc. 10/10/2014
Great seller. Fast shipping. Awesome scents. Cinnamon Broom SB, etc. 10/10/2014
Everything that was ordered is strong and true to scent. Can't wait to order again! Gain Apple Mango Tango BS1, etc. 10/09/2014
Great service and wonderful tarts. Gain Apple Mango Tango BS1, etc. 10/09/2014
Great products! Marshmallow Pumpkin Bread GS1, etc. 10/09/2014
Great scents and fast shipping! Marshmallow Pumpkin Pie GS4, etc. 10/09/2014
Great site, easy to navigate. Lavender Sugar Cookie GS4, etc. 09/30/2014
Beezy tarts are fantastic! The owner makes excellent long-lasting and fragrant tarts! Cinnamon Glazed Baklava GS3, etc. 09/29/2014
Love your Serendipity!! Serendipity SS2, etc. 09/27/2014
My first time order and every scent has been highly scented and wonderful!! Blonde Moment BS2, etc. 07/26/2014
Overall, very pleased with purchase. A+ seller! Mint Lavender GS2, etc. 07/26/2014
Great product and excellent customer service! I would like to see the store opne more often! Lavender Sugar Cookie SS2, etc. 07/20/2014
Easy transaction...would purchase from again! Circus Concession SS2, etc. 07/20/2014
fast shipping..great customer service! Wildberry Mousse Zucchini Bread GS3, etc. 07/18/2014
Wonderful product and seller! Mint Lavender GS2, etc. 07/18/2014
Smooth transaction! Peach Bellini GS3, etc. 07/02/2014
ALWAYS great product and service, plus gifties! Pink Peppermint GS3 06/13/2014
Beezy-Tarts is one of the best wax merchants offering great product with fast, friendly service. Pink Peppermint GS3 06/04/2014
Beezy Tarts are wonderful! Top notch customer service. Excellent scented wax! Please add more soon! PEPPERMINT Serendipity GS3, etc. 06/03/2014
Great tarts, great extras, great communication, fast shipping; could not ask for a better purchase. PEPPERMINT Serendipity GS3, etc. 05/29/2014
LOVE John!! He has the best customer service, and product out there!! Pink Peppermint GS3, etc. 05/29/2014
Excellent! My order was shipped super fast and I was extremely satisfied with the scents:) Mulberry SS2, etc. 05/24/2014
Best tarts I've tried in several years! Great throw! Excellent customer service, and fast shipping! Pink Peppermint GS3, etc. 05/15/2014
Great customer service, fast shipping and a wonderful product! Thanks for everything!! Iced Lemon Cookies GS3, etc. 05/09/2014
This is one of the best wax orders I have purchased. I am very happy with the order. Thanks :)) xo Serendipity GS3, etc. 05/07/2014
Best wax vendor! Fast shipping, excellent packaging, and the product itself is always perfect Strip & Go Naked BS1, etc. 05/07/2014
All smell wonderful on cold sniff and I can't wait to melt them. I've heard all great things Lolly Pop Land GS3, etc. 05/07/2014
As always these are all amazingly strong smelling. They are some of the best smelling dupes ever! Pistachio Pudding Cake GS2, etc. 05/07/2014
Best wax tarts you can buy. Aquolina Blue Sugar (Mens) GS1, etc. 05/06/2014
Great stuff! Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake GS3, etc. 05/02/2014
The best tarts and service !!! Thank you!!! French Baguette (B&BW) BS1, etc. 05/01/2014
Super easy site to use and awesome products! Caramel Latte GS2, etc. 02/03/2014
Fantastic order! Great CS! Not one complaint! Marshmallow Pumpkin Bread GS1, etc. 02/03/2014
Crazy fast shipping! Spectacular throw. Love the scents. ☺ Fluffy Pink Candy (LUSH) GS2, etc. 01/25/2014
Great communication, fast and courteous. Prompt shipment. Wonderful experience! Lavender Sugar Cookie BS1, etc. 01/13/2014
Fast Delivery and good communication A+++ Fruit Slices SS1, etc. 01/08/2014
Super fast delivery. Great scents. Thanks. Amish Friendship Bread GS2, etc. 12/08/2013
As always John has the best products out there! They are full of scent and throw strong! Pumpkin Marshmallow GS2, etc. 12/02/2013
Great products. Super fast shipping and excellent customer service. Fresh Baked Cookies BS2, etc. 11/28/2013
Breezy has amazing products...super quick TAT and awesome customer service. Love Beezy Loopy Loops Bread GS1, etc. 11/28/2013
excellent! Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (B&BW) GS2, etc. 11/28/2013
Absolutely AMAZING!!!!! I cannot wait to order again. Quick TAT+ amazing strong scents! Thank you! Marshmallow Lava Cake GS2, etc. 11/28/2013
Best service and quality! Orange Sherbet BS2, etc. 11/27/2013
This was my 1st Beezy order & everything was fantastic! TAT and pricing/shipping were reasonable. Pineapple Souffle SS2, etc. 11/18/2013
Every scent is more delicious than the last. Adorable packaging, plus the freebies! you're the best! Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (B&BW) GS2, etc. 11/15/2013
Easy ordering, awesome customer service and fabulous wax tarts!!! Iced Lemon Cookies GS2, etc. 11/14/2013
Great service and products! Malibu Rum Cupcake SS2, etc. 09/29/2013
Delicious! My favorite wax vendor Pineapple Colada BS1, etc. 09/23/2013
Delicious! My favorite vendor for wax Lemon Chiffon SS1, etc. 09/23/2013
Great seller!! Everything smells wonderful!!!! Thanks! Starburst GS1, etc. 09/23/2013
Great seller, received order quickly. One item was out he let me know and offered a ref or change. PEPPERMINT Serendipity GS1, etc. 09/23/2013
Terrific wax, terrific customer service, fast fast tat, by far the best wax around.!!!!! Love Breezy Dragon Fruit BS1, etc. 09/23/2013
I cant wait to buy more! Circus Concession GS2, etc. 09/23/2013
Just amazing as normal! great customer services, great price and fast shipping! Pistachio Pudding Cake SS2, etc. 09/23/2013
BEEZY is easily one of my favorite places to get my wax fix! Pistachio Pudding Cake SS2, etc. 09/23/2013
Fast shipping. Fantastic service.. Great product. Would buy again and again. Pumpkin Spice BS2, etc. 09/23/2013
It's always a pleasure to order from Beezy's Tarts! I am a loyal customer and I will be back again!! Pistachio Pudding Cake SS2, etc. 09/13/2013
Fantastic product! It never fails to be the best! And John runs his business seemlessly. Sugar Corn Pudding GS2, etc. 09/12/2013
Will order again! great CS! TY Beezy! Sugar Corn Pudding GS2, etc. 09/08/2013
Excellent! Pineapple Souffle BS1, etc. 08/05/2013
Thank you! Pink Sugar Bread SB, etc. 08/05/2013
Thanks again! Pink Peppermint SB, etc. 08/05/2013
Service, communication and wax product was A+++++ as always!!! Thank you!! Loopy Loops Bread SB, etc. 08/05/2013
Quick shipping and great customer service! Pink Sugar Cookies SB, etc. 08/05/2013
very happy with everything that I received and very impressed with how quickly I got it in the UK Blue Raspberry Icee BS2, etc. 08/03/2013
I will order again & again!! The tarts smell wonderful and the shipping was super fast!! Tinsel SS2, etc. 07/31/2013
Very happy with purchase. Fast Shipping. Highly Recommend. Banana Creme Pie SS1, etc. 07/25/2013
Great tarts and excellent customer service! Ice Cream Scoop Bread SB, etc. 07/21/2013
Beezy Tarts is top notch in my books! PEPPERMINT Serendipity SB, etc. 07/20/2013
Very good products! Banana Creme Pie SS1, etc. 07/06/2013
Wow! Absolutely impressed. Super fast TAT, kept me informed through entire process, lovely packaging Sweet Potato Brown Sugar BS1, etc. 07/05/2013
Thank you so much! I will be back for more! :) Creme Brulee SS1, etc. 06/29/2013
I absolutely LOVE Beezy's! I luv everything. Peppermint Serendipity & Lemon Iced Cookies is my fav!! Sweet Potato Brown Sugar SS2, etc. 06/27/2013
Great customer service, fast TAT and high quality wax tarts. I will continue to order. Iced Lemon Cookies BS2, etc. 06/15/2013
Fast Shipping, Great Products! Passionfruit Nectarine BS2, etc. 06/15/2013
I can see why beezy is so popular! Will order again. and again. Iced Lemon Cookies BS2, etc. 06/14/2013
My second order. These are the best tarts!!! Long-lasting and have amazing throw. Iced Tea Twist (B&BW) SS2, etc. 06/13/2013
Super fast shipping! Awesome products! Excellent customer service! Easy to shop site! Thanks!!! Gummy Bears SS2, etc. 06/03/2013
once again i am totally satisfied with my order; sheer perfection always Pineapple Orchid (B&BW Dupe) SS1, etc. 06/03/2013
Website is user friendly and checking out was a "breeze"' PEPPERMINT Serendipity SS2, etc. 05/30/2013
Super fast shipping! I loved everything I ordered! Extras were very appreciated! Thanks! Cotton Candy SS2, etc. 05/24/2013
Beezy Tarts are fabulous and their tat is amazing! thank u! Oreo Cookies BS2, etc. 05/24/2013
Lightning fast shipping, amazingly strong tarts. Very satisfied! Cannabis Flower BS1, etc. 05/19/2013
Beezy has excellent products & great customer service!Enjoying all the scents!Very nice throw too!TY Hot Orange Danish BS2, etc. 05/17/2013
Outstanding customer service and super fast shipping was provided as usual! Sweet Potato Brown Sugar BS1, etc. 05/03/2013
I love Beezy Tars I will return t buy much more! Vanilla Shake SS1, etc. 04/25/2013
Great transaction, timely, great product!! Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone SS1, etc. 04/20/2013
This seller is always super easy to work with, very quick shipping and great customer service. Pistachio Pudding Cake SS2, etc. 04/20/2013
I ordered from many sites the same day I ordered from Beezy and this was the first to ship. Chocolate Lava Cake BS2, etc. 04/20/2013
Love everything!! Smells amazing! Thanks for the treats :) fast shipping as well!! Awesome Carrot Cake BS1, etc. 04/19/2013
Very quick shipping! Friendly. Chocolate Lava Cake BS2, etc. 04/08/2013
he has the best service !!!!! awesome company Kool-Aid SS2, etc. 04/04/2013
Fantastic customer service, awesome product, good packaging, fast shipping. Purple Cow BS1, etc. 03/30/2013
I love his product. Pink Sugar Cookies BT, etc. 03/22/2013
Beezy is one of the best products there is on the market period. And he is so awesome and friendly! Iced Lemon Cookies SS1, etc. 03/04/2013
How many ways can I say fantastic!!!!! Simply the best vendor hands down with the best quality tarts Pumpkin Souffle Brulee BS1, etc. 03/03/2013
I Highly recommend Beezy Tarts. AMAZING scent selection, STRONG throw, fast shipping-VERY satisfied! Birthday Cake BS2, etc. 02/28/2013
the site was easy to navigate Birthday Cake SS2, etc. 02/27/2013
Fantastic seller, fast delivery, well packaged, included cute sweets/tarts as a freebie as well!! Chocolate Lava Cake SS1, etc. 02/22/2013
Great customer service. Fast shipping Iced Lemon Cookies BS2, etc. 02/18/2013
Superior vendor with superior tarts. Totally satisfied and will definitely always purchase. Pink Toasty Marshmallow BS2, etc. 02/17/2013
Awesome tarts, very strong, loved them. Shipping was super fast also, Everything is A+++++ Red Velvet Cake BS2, etc. 02/11/2013
Wonderful!! Purple Hooters BS1, etc. 02/03/2013
As always, a great purchase from a great vendor. Will purchase again in the future. Pumpkin Creme Brulee SS1, etc. 02/01/2013
these tarts smell like they are supposed to i compare the awesomeness to jelly belly flavor acuracy Carrot Cake, etc. 01/23/2013
First time with Beezy, A+++, great service, great product. Highly recommend Beezy Tarts!! Leaves (B&BW) RTS SS1, etc. 01/22/2013
Love everything! Generous samples and great cust.service! Iced Lemon Cookies, etc. 01/17/2013
good quality! nice customer service! Pink Toasty Marshmallow, etc. 01/15/2013
Omg super strong on cold sniff!! And super full!! Pink Zucchini Bread, etc. 01/14/2013
Love these scents! Vanilla Butter Fudge SS1, etc. 01/10/2013
SUPER fast shipping, great communication, awesome products! THANKS!! Leaves (B&BW) RTS SS1, etc. 01/02/2013
Great selection and awesome price's! Mountain Dew RTS BS1, etc. 12/23/2012
i was very happy with everything.And also the extra goodies! thank u:) will be ordering again . Mint Chocolate Chip (B&BW Type) RTS BS2, etc. 12/19/2012
everything smells great Banana Walnut Cake, etc. 12/03/2012
Awesome, PERFECT transaction! Madam President, etc. 11/26/2012
Quick delivery great customer service Small Mystery Sampler 11/04/2012
Best products! Super fast and fantastic customer service. Large New Scents Sampler 11/03/2012
very fast shipping,great comm. and GREAT SMELLING TARTS PRICED TERRIFIC! Thanks John. Small Mystery Sampler 10/02/2012
Amazing scents! Great price! Quick Delivery Small Mystery Sampler 09/15/2012
great quality products, awesome turn around time :) will be purchasing again Amish Friendship Bread, etc. 09/13/2012
Great products! Great customer service! Small Mystery Sampler 09/10/2012
everything as expected Bubble Gum, etc. 09/02/2012
It came, it was amazing - loved it all!!!! Small Mystery Sampler 08/29/2012
John provides super great service and products!!!!!! Fruit Loops, etc. 08/24/2012
awesome tarts, great service. Will buy from again for sure. Large Mystery Sampler 08/22/2012
Amazing as always! Best tarts ever=] Large Mystery Sampler 08/17/2012
Easy check out...great customer service!!! Large Mystery Sampler 08/03/2012
I am very impressed with the quality of these tarts!! Amazing scent throw!! Large Top Sellers Sampler 07/24/2012
Amazing seller! John really knows the meaning of "excellent customer service"! Small Sampler (ALL NEW SCENTS) 07/19/2012
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